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– Written by Adam Gorry
Station Manager 2023-24
Tech Manager (Acting) 2024
Events & Marketing Manager 2022-23
Social Secretary 2022-23
Open Mic Producer & Host 2022-23
Member 2020-24

Crash, bang, wallop. Hear that? That’s the sound of Stag Radio collapsing…

Fortunately, that scenario is only a dark, twisted fantasy, a distant horror that we hope will never see the light of day. And while it’s unlikely that will happen, given our history as the longest running Surrey society (est. 1972), that is only possible because of you beautiful people! (Yes, even those of you reading this on the loo).

We have a vast amount of creative production potential at Stag Radio, for sure, but the untapped potential is not in the four walls of the station; it’s within you. Many that have joined us, on committee and otherwise, have never been in a studio before (and thank goodness, because I don’t need the competition), and while a bit of tech training will of course be necessary, fresh faces are excellent news. This means fresh ideas; we don’t know what you’ll do any more than you do…! How exciting!

What we do here, is not the question; it’s what you will do here. Although for context, historically there have been; open mic nights, music shows, cultural podcasts, gig commentaries, artist interviews, political debates… But don’t go worrying that we’ll throw you in the deep end if you need to dip your toes in first; we have various podcast productions that you can observe in person to see how it all gets made. So get curious, get crazy, get milk, get cookies… wait, no, that’s my shopping list. Hands off, they’re my cookies.* But definitely get curious, pester us about what everything does, our experiences – think of us like a radio-specific Google search.

Stag Radio is more than just nests of often tangled cables and microphones (although admittedly that does make up a significant proportion). Our output of amazing and unusual works is simply not possible without your willing to f*ck around and find out; and we will support that with a culture of open-mindedness, creativity and enthusiasm to support each other. Running a radio station and making shows can be a bit hectic, but that’s why we shouldn’t do it alone; hectic alone, electric together.
Like a bag of Haribo, what makes kids and grown ups love us so is all our differences mixed together – nobody wants a bag of just the eggs**… but when we all join forces, gummy bears, cola bottles and hearts, we can pursue bold ideas, thrive on experimentation, and challenge each other to achieve things we didn’t know we were capable of.

So when reading the roles below, don’t look at what you know now. Think about what you could do over the next year that in 12 months time will either at least have been a good way to pass the time, or at most have set your life in a new direction…

Our roles vary slightly year on year depending on the interests of the members and committee; don’t feel like you’ve missed the boat out if you’re reading this after the AGM, as new committee members can be elected at any point in the year – just ask, we’re a chummy bunch. Below are categories of the most important aspects of the station, and various related roles of past and present that have existed within them that are most sought out and most needed at Stag Radio. But at the end of the day, a title is just a title. If you want to dabble in something else outside of your title, then do so!

If you want to quiz or interrogate me on anything creative or station related, email me at [email protected] 🙂

Adam Gorry
Student of Film, Animation and Digital Arts, 2024
Graduate of Creative Music Technology BMus, 2023
Station Manager / President of Stag Radio
Head Rep of Dept. of Music & Media

*Life is better with biscuits, so we do actually have a biscuit stock of various types in the station, as well as coffee, tea, squash and hot chocolate! Man, this society sounds better with every sentence.
**Just found out that bags of ‘just eggs’ do in fact exist. The legality of this should be debated in the house of commons.


Positions open:
(Lead) Creative Producer
Post-Production Producer

Creative Producers are responsible for ensuring that projects are created and executed effectively. This is especially important towards the start of the year when people will need easing into productions. A crucial ability for this role is evaluating ideas, and coming up with loads of crap ones; very rarely is our first idea our best or fully formed – just like we’re not ready for a 45 hour working week just after birth.
As well as ideas, you’ll essentially be seeing products through from their birth to graduation, which is their release after recording, post-production and marketing have all been completed.


Positions open:
(Head) Graphic Designer
Events & Marketing Manager
Marketing Manager
Social Media Manager

Previously “marketing” or “social media” has been the keyword for this role, but I think this is misleading. We don’t need someone just to post on social media – we can all do that. We want people with an eye for marketing events and shows in an unusual way, and who can be a bit savvy with illustrative, design and photo editing software. Get funky, get weird; just make it memorable.


Positions open:
Events Manager
Events & Marketing Manager
(Head) Social Events Manager


Positions open:
(Head) Sound Engineer
(Head) Tech Manager
(Head) Broadcast Engineer
Software Manager
Hardware Manager

The tech roles are easily the most important in the station. Without them there’s no shows, no podcasts and eventually, Stag Radio will cease to be more than memories and a soundproof broom cupboard. If you know your way around tech at all, we prize you highly and would greatly appreciate you getting in touch!


Positions open:
Music Manager(s)
Artist Manager
Resident DJ

The difference between music and artist manager is simple; files and people. For the Music Manager, we receive a plethora of music from labels every day, additional to music brought in by members and DJs for shows. This must be categorised on our systems so it is easily accessible. If played on shows, podcasts or DJ sets, this music also needs to be logged so royalties can be paid to artists by informing PRS, who distribute the money from our license fee to the artists.

The Artist Manager involves co-ordinating interviews for artists; we have an incredible number and range of artists you’ll get to interact with, but most importantly its the interviewers the Artist Manager will be finding. Of course, you can take on as many as you like yourself, just don’t gatekeep them if others are interested; there’s a good sport.


Incumbent: Risper Okello

Historically, a “Treasurer & Tech Manager” combined position has been assumed; tech being the greatest financial cost of the station, it’s important that they understand how to wisely evaluate spending the station’s budget and savings, as well as co-ordinating and pursuing fundraising opportunities (sponsors, fundraisers etc). However, this combi-role isn’t necessary, so don’t stress if tech isn’t your forte but managing money is – we’d still be delighted to have you.


Incumbent: Oscar Ovenden

The Deputy Station Manager / Vice President is just as crucial as the President. Much greater than an assistant, the VP’s job is to ensure everything that the President can’t do can be done, whether that means helping with finances, helping organising events, training, fundraising and more.


Incumbent: Adam Gorry

The Station Manager / President is the driving motivational force behind the station’s longevity. They take the initiative to create opportunities for others by looking at the ‘big picture’, and are open to learning whatever skills they might need to in order to help the station thrive. By focusing on engagement and sustainability, they can ensure the station is pleasant in the present, and suitable for the future.