Genre: Music

Just for the Record

The show to discuss & play jazz, funk and soul music, presented by Alice Lane!


“What’s AlbumClub?” “It’s a book club but for music!” We listen to an album each week and go through it on the show. Most importantly at the end of the show we rate the album as we try to find the BEST ALBUM EVER!

Rock Riot

ROCK RIOT RADIO Your weekly dose of rock, metal and alternative music! Hosted by a variety of presenters, each week there is always an action packed show with new releases from the rock world, the presenters’ songs of the week and themed songs + requests from the listeners.

Alt. Sessions

Alt. Sessions is a radio show about local upcoming artists, offering exclusive interviews and live music sessions! Presented live every Tuesday by Jenna Pacini from 7pm to 9pm! Alt. Sessions will offer brand new shows this year! The Vet Takeover will touch upon big debates in the veterinary world. The Bilingual Hour will be a…
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