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Alt. Sessions – The bilingual show – episode 1 – The frenchies

Tune in fro two hour of French and English discussions about France and Switzerland! Intended at nostalgic international students or curious french learners!!

Alt. Sessions – Season 2, Episode 2 – ft. Alt. Sessions

The music show is back! This episode delivers a very cool interview with Guildford indie band Simple Fiction! Tune in for some musical discussions and nice playlists!

The Vet Takeover – episode 1

This is the very first episode from the Alt. Sessions vet series! This episode will talk about conservation techniques and their pros and cons. Dr Sharmini Paramisivan and Dr Daniel Horton from the Surrey vet school and Dr Sarah Jayne Edwards from Marwell zoo joined the conversation!

The Quarantine Show – episode 2

This is episode two of the quarantine show, tune in to listen to Jenna, our Alt. Sessions presenter, giving you tips to survive quarantine from her own quarantine and playing you some nice tunes!!

The Quarantine show – episode 1

The Quarantine show is an Alt. Sessions show presented by Jenna from her quarantine for international or travelling quarantined students. Tune in for an hour of music, music history and band discovery but also tips for quarantine and freshers! ← All Posts for Show Alt. Sessions

Alt. Sessions Homemade – Episode #7 – ft. Flyte

The Homemade podacst is finally hosting interviews again! In this episode discover the great London band Flyte! Very special interview made in partnership with the french Webzine: Sensation Rock! ← All Posts for Show Alt. Sessions