1350AM Stag Radio - University of Surrey Student Radio Station

Our Team

A society is only as successful as the people who run it – Stag Radio is no exception. Our new committee structure was voted in at our most recent Annual General Meeting (AGM).
Each committee member has a vital role to play in the running of the station and each has their own unique email address that they can be contacted on.
Don’t forget, the committee are all just normal students like you. They are elected each year at the AGM and any member of the society can put themselves forward to stand. Talk to the committee members to find out more about what their role entails and if you think you’re up to it, get involved and stand!



Our Committee


Station Manager
Ryan Underwood


Programme Controller                                                                 Marketing Coordinator
                    (Vice-President)                                                                                   (Treasurer)
                       Will Wilkins                                                                                  Megan Dardenne
        programming@stagradio.co.uk                                                     marketing@stagradio.co.uk


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