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The most common questions posed by listeners are answered right here.
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Q: Why isn’t the radio player playing?
A: This could be down to a couple of things. First try reloading the page, if that doesn’t work then there could be a technical problem at the station OR you maybe trying to fulfil your insatiable appetite for Stag Radio’s excellent content during our non-broadcasting periods. These periods are normally over the Christmas break extending into the exam season, the Easter break and the summer break. If you wish to fill that void then visit Stag Radio’s Mixcloud page.
Q: How could I get involved with Stag Radio?
A: All you need to do is drop us a cheeky email. Email address for all of our committee can be found on the Our Team page if you email one of them they will be willing to help and they are friendly people, we promise.
Q: How do you make the best crème brûlée in the world?
A: Like magicians, a good chef never reveals the secret to their best work otherwise anyone could open a restaurant, make my dish and undercut my prices thus putting me out of business. But if you really want to know how to make a pretty good one then follow this recipe –


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